San Marcos Restaurant - Mexican Food | Toledo, OH

San Marcos Mexican Grocery Store

We dedicate ourselves to selling the very best, high quality and Mexican groceries. Stop in today to browse our selection. Our store was opened 12 years ago.


With our combination of authentic Mexican cuisine and products you'll love our selection of pastries, deli selections, and butcher shop.

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Mexican delicacies in Toledo, OH

When you're looking for something to spice up your lunch or dinner or you've been craving Mexican food, stop by San Marcos Restaurant. Our tasty Mexican entrees offer you the authentic flavors you've been craving.


Stop by one of three locations for a delicious meal or the ingredients available to craft your own delicacy at home. Whether you're looking for taco shells, tamales, tortillas, or Mexican cheeses we have everything you're looking for to craft the perfect dinner. Stop in to the store or restaurant today!

•  Fresh salsa

•  Mexican style meats

•  Mexican produce

•  Tortillas

•  Piñatas

Our store sells:

•  Mexican cheeses

•  Fresh Mexican sweet

   breads and pastries

•  Taco shells

•  Tamales


Swing by today to grab something delicious to enjoy Mexican delicacies.